Virtual Office Hours

Virtual Office Hours

OAS Virtual Office Hours are 90+ minute sessions that combine lecture, live demonstration, and Q&A on some of the most important (but frequently under-served) areas of Chinese Brush Painting.

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Virtual Office Hours
  • Virtual Office Hours: Wet Mounting

    The process of Wet Mounting is the traditional process by which Chinese Brush Paintings are finished. It makes the painting flat and ready for framing and, when done properly, can restore the color vibrancy of the painting back to the original intensity when the colors were first applied. In this...

  • Virtual Office Hours: All About Color

    This Virtual Office Hours will focus on Color Use in Chinese Brush Painting.

    - What are the different types of color and their advantages and disadvantages?
    - How do you prepare colors?
    - How do you load the brush?
    - How do you blend colors to get that smooth transition of multiple colors in a ...

  • Virtual Office Hours: All About Brushes

    In this episode we talk all about brushes in Chinese Brush Painting.

    - What different kinds of brushes there are (what does hard hair, soft hair, and combination mean anyway?)
    - Different brush techniques
    - How to tell a good brush from a bad brush
    - How to take care of your brushes so that they...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Moisture Control in Chinese Painting

    We are very excited to provide tips for a critical technique (controlling your moisture) that often frustrates Chinese brush painters. We will address the following points and much more:

    - How to prepare your brush so that your strokes show transparency but no bleeding
    - How does paper selection...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Chinese Landscape Painting Basics

    Chinese Landscape Painting has a rich history and its own specific set of brushes, paper, and techniques. We do an overview on this wonderful subject covering the following:

    - Brush, paper, and other materials specific to landscape painting
    - How Chinese Landscape instruction differs from other ...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Chinese Flower Painting Basics

    Chinese Flower Painting has one of the largest value propositions of any genre of Chinese painting! Become confident with a few strokes and techniques and a virtually endless world of subjects open up to you. In this session we will discuss:

    - Brush, paper, and other materials specific to flower...

  • Virtual Office Hours: All About Texture And Washes

    Textures and washes are not only critical common elements for Chinese landscape painting, but they can be used in almost any subject! In this Virtual Office Hour session we will cover the following:

    - Brush, paper and other materials for exploring textures and washes
    - Moisture control and textu...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Confident Lines in Chinese Brush Painting

    Confident Lines in Chinese Brush Painting zooms in on our most popular previous Office Hours on Essential Strokes, this time we focus on lines exclusively!

    For the first time, participants had the option of painting along with the sessions and receiving feedback on their painting! In this episod...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Sultry Shapes

    Zooming in on our most popular Office Hours on Essential Strokes, we focus particularly on the shape strokes!

    In this session we covered the following subjects:

    - What are the different shape strokes in Chinese Painting?
    - What are the techniques for doing shape strokes with confidence?
    - Moist...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Spontaneous Ink Backgrounds

    We’re very excited to cover these popular, but often mysterious, techniques/art forms! This Virtual Office Hour Event focuses on Suminagashi (Marbling) and Ink Pouring as a way to create unique and spontaneous backgrounds for your Asian Painting.

    In this session, we cover the following subjects:...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Color Techniques in Chinese Painting

    In this Virtual Office Hours event we focus on the subtle details of color technique in Chinese Painting.

    - Brush choice for different types of color strokes
    - Loading and blending techniques to produce strokes that transition from dark to light
    - How to use water to create transparency
    - Streng...

  • Virtual Office Hours: A Guide to the Guide

    Thousands of Chinese brush painters has started their journey into the world of Chinese brush painting with Ning Yeh's Chinese Brush Painting: An Instructional Guide. Of course the book itself is self-explanatory but it is always nice to have a "Guide to the Guide" whenever it is available.

    In t...

  • Virtual Office Hours: All About Signature and Seals

    Signatures and seals are a distinctive way to finish your Asian style brush paintings. Signing the painting and affixing imprints from soapstone seals or chops is steeped in tradition.

    Find out all about this process as we discuss the following topics:

    -Three lucky participants received a comp...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Techniques on Semi-Sized Papers

    Semi-sized papers are some of the most alluring and interesting papers in Chinese painting. They are friendly for beginners as well as overflowing with potential for expressing the spontaneous spirit of Chinese painting.

    We address the following points and much more:

    -What is semi-sized paper ...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Color Systems in Chinese Brush Painting

    This Virtual Office Hours takes a closer look at options for color in Chinese Painting. Traditional vs. modern, convenient vs. quality, east vs. west - we examine the most popular color systems for Chinese Painting and review the pros and cons of each.

    In this episode, we cover the following top...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Different Subjects - Same Strokes

    This episode reveals that the same essential strokes developed from Chinese Calligraphy are used for many different subjects in the spontaneous style of Chinese Painting.

    We cover the following subjects:

    - Identifying the essential strokes of Chinese Painting
    - Discovering the origin of essent...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Basics of Gong-Bi (Chinese Fine Line) Painting

    This Virtual Office Hour Event covers the essential techniques and materials of Gong-Bi / Chinese Fine Line Painting.

    In this episode, we cover the following topics:

    - The best brushes for Gong-Bi / Fine Line
    - The best paper for Gong-Bi / Fine Line
    - Techniques of line work
    - Techniques for ...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Simple Flower on Four Different Papers

    Through the easy and fun exercise of painting the same simple flower on four different papers we will explore:

    - How do we paint on single versus double xuan?
    - What is paper sizing and how does sizing affect brush technique, moisture control, and color loading / blending
    - How do we choose pape...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Painting Spontaneous Style on Sized Paper

    Sizing is the process of coating paper with alum to cause the paper to resist moisture. This creates opportunities for different techniques in spontaneous style Chinese painting and can address some common moisture problems experienced by artists new to the style.

    In this episode, we cover the f...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Three Simple Landscapes

    The Chinese word for landscape is 山水 (shān shuǐ). Literally translated, it means mountains and water. The allure of Chinese Landscape painting is undeniable but often the complexity of the compositions of master artists can be expansive and intimidating.

    The wonderful thing is many of the key te...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Intro to Brush Painting

    We find that a significant number of OAS customers have made their first purchase and are still waiting for that impulse or confidence to start their journey into the world of Chinese Brush Painting.
    To serve those folks and anyone else who would appreciate a back-to-basics type of presentation w...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Lotus Painting Techniques

    Lotus is an iconic subject in Asian style painting with deeply rooted cultural symbolism and significance. It is a symbol of purity and transcendence as it rises from humble beginning in the muck of a pond to appear above the water in unblemished beauty.

    In this session, we cover the following t...

  • Virtual Office Hours: The Joy of Painting Trees

    Trees are a fascinating and rich element of Chinese Landscape Painting. This Virtual Office Hours focuses on discovering the joy of painting trees!

    In this session, we cover the following subjects:

    -The spirit of trees, symbolism, history and culture significance
    -Multiple techniques for trunks...

  • Virtual Office Hours: Paint the Joy of Autumn on New Papers

    We released a collection of new papers (pre-mounted papers and semi-sized colored papers) that are perfect for the type of seasonal and holiday painting that everyone loves!

    In this session, we cover the following subjects:

    - Techniques on Semi-sized Colored Xuan Paper
    - Techniques on Pre-Mount...