108 Flowers - Book 1

108 Flowers - Book 1

What makes brush painting magical? It is the same thing that makes life magical. It is that link between hand and mind, one's heartbeat and the rhythm of the universe. It is that connection that transcends time and space, ties us together, and makes us each a part of the whole.

There is constant joy in learning, a creative endeavor that gives meaning to our lives. It begins with quiet practice and is rewarded by joyful mastery. It heightens our senses. It lifts our spirits. It is a never-ending journey, an extension of life.

Now, let the journey begin.

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108 Flowers - Book 1
  • African Violet

    "Roses are red and violets are blue. Indeed, a violet may be small, but it has a big reputation. This exquisite flower has the magical power to bring smiles to everyone.

    Hi, I am from Africa, how's it going?"

    Ning Yeh's first lesson in 108 Flowers is the African Violet. Enjoy his heartfelt memo...

  • Amaryllis

    Climbing to the top and blossoming into glowing red, it brings best wishes to us all.

    Since the release of 108 Flowers Book 1, this has been one of the most popular flower studies that our customers have shared their final results with us. We hope you will find the joy in completing this glowing...

  • Anemone Poppy

    "I love poppy. But the journey down the long stalk is like riding nonstop all the way down Interstate 5. Thanks to anemone, we can exit anytime. The leaves of this flower climb up along the stem, providing much needed relief."

    Enjoy the Anemone Poppy with Ning. The typical poppy has four petals ...

  • Apple Blossom

    "On the eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I was on the Great Wall surrounded by apple blossoms. It was nature's fireworks. Indeed, may each blossom bring out our personal best. Let the games begin!"

    The release of cherry blossom is ranked as one of the post popular lessons of study. Now enjoy Ni...

  • Azalea

    "I still recall dewdrops shimmering on a girl's eyelashes by the azalea grove on Yang Ming Mountain. Not that I was that close to her. I just had much better eyesight then."

    Using a single brush, the OAS Flow, Ning Yeh walks you through step-by-step a bouquet composition of the Azalea, showing t...

  • Bamboo

    Bamboo, one of the Four Gentlemen in Chinese brush painting and Sumi-e. It symbolizes virtue and is know to be strong but flexible. It's one of the most practiced subject in brush painting and some even spend a lifetime to master.

    Ning Yeh simplifies the bamboo structure of trunk, rings/nodes, t...

  • Banana

    The stunningly beautiful flower takes you immediately to a tropical paradise. Each part of the plant provides an opportunity for the artist to showcase the dynamic rhythm of movement.

    Be the top banana today.

  • Begonia

    Begonia, the star of the mid-autumn festival on West Lake, is the favorite flower of one on Ning's own personal heroes. Learn how to paint this floral composition under Ning's expert guidance and anecdotal step-by-step instruction. Discover why this flowering plant embodies Nature's happy dots.

  • Bellflower

    "My daughter, Jashin, is quite a conversation expert. But she did not begin talking until she was three. "Balloon" and "bubble" were among the first words captured in my very early attempts at video filming. Now she runs everything."

  • Bird of Paradise

    This lesson features the tropical beauty of the flower Bird of Paradise. Although the subject demonstrates basic stroke techniques of Chinese brush painting, it's not a flower that you'll find many masters paint. Perhaps, because it's not native to China.

    Nonetheless, Ning walks through a uniqu...

  • Blackberry Lily

    Blackberry Lily gets its name from the look of the tightly clustered black seeds that are revealed when the the seed pod pods open in the fall. It does indeed resemble a blackberry!

    Lilies in general are a hard subject to paint, but Ning's breakdown of the subject into simpler, manageable parts,...

  • Bleeding Heart Peony

    Though delicate in appearance, this flower is actually a relative of the flamboyant peony, and is a part of the Peony Festival in China. It is pretty obvious why this flower is so aptly named. But ignore that bleeding heart visual imagery. The Chinese see this flower as resembling a lady's small ...

  • Blue Bonnet

    Almost bordering on the abstract, with the freedom and looseness of brush strokes coupled with a sense of controlled spontaneity, characterizes Ning's painting of the the state flower of Texas, the Blue Bonnet. Painting along with Ning, you too will be able to capture that special energy and dyna...

  • Bougainvillea

    We invite you to paint Bougainvillea, a striking flower study in contrasts and complements, yin and yang. Its flowers are bright and intense, wispy, delicate and paper-thin. Its stems are dark and solidly rooted, strong and thorny.

    Video includes which brushes to use, color preparation, brush lo...

  • Calla Lily

    The Yellow Emperor (2497-2398 BC) wished for a way to communicate with his people. In his dream, he saw celestial horses descending from heaven. Each carried a scroll with characters that became the Chinese language. These celestial horses roamed across China. Near where they stopped for water, f...

  • Carnation

    "For years, I rejected carnation as a flower impossible to paint. In reality, it was laziness. It was also fear. Everything is beautiful in its own way. Surprise, carnation turns out to be a wonderful subject."

    Ning takes what he deemed a challenging flower to paint and teach and tackles it with...

  • Cattleya Orchid

    Cattleya Orchid was Madame Chiang Kai-shek' favorite flower and the Chinese honor her by calling the flower Mei Ling, her first name. Paint this composition following Ning's expert instruction and using only ink and water. In the minds of master brush painters, this is the ultimate expression of ...

  • Chili Pepper

    Although the home that Ning grew up in was a 'hot pepper heaven' for him, with his food having spicy influences from both Sichuan and Hunan cuisines, Chili Pepper, the subject featured in this composition was actually not native to China, but rather was brought to Asia by Portuguese navigators du...

  • Chinese Magnolia

    The Chinese name for this flower is Xin Yi. Xin means bitter. The original name of the flower had a "hairy" subpart. Maybe folks picked a hairy bud and found it bitter tasting. A beautiful flower got its name.

    A one brush masterpiece! Watch and paint along with Ning as he demonstrates using his ...

  • Christmas Cactus

    Once upon a time, there was a Monkey King who created havoc and angered Buddha. The monkey escaped to the far corner of the universe. When he looked up, he saw the giant eyes of the Buddha beyond the mountains. He realized that he had merely been running in the palm of the Buddha. "Buddha's Palm"...

  • Chrysanthemum

    The Chinese honor this flower as one of the Four Gentlemen, representing the spirit of autumn. Jú is a Chinese attitude. It implies to endure with devotion, to let go with respect, and to nurture with care.

    Ning's customary personal light-hearted commentary interspersed within his usual step-by...

  • Clivia

    Clivia is a member of the lily family, and sports lily-like flowers and sword-like leaves. It is actually a grouping of flowers radially balanced in a circular cluster on a single flower stalk. Clivia is truly Mother Nature's florist at work, forming and presenting to us a ready-made bouquet!


  • Cockscomb

    Although named somewhat aptly by its suggestiveness of a rooster's comb, the flower Cockscomb is a fan shaped free form of ruffled velvety flower clusters. To capture the essence of Cockscomb in a very loose, almost abstract format, Ning uses contrasting elements to suggest and define depth and d...

  • Coral

    The Chinese name for the ornamental Coral Tree is Lung Ia - Dragon Tooth, an aptly named description of the flower's petal shape. Paint this composition of this striking flower along with Ning, who believes that "anything that has to do with dragons is wonderful!" Ning encourages you to do every ...