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Up Next in 108 Flowers - Book 2

  • Heavenly Bamboo

    I pick a subject like this to teach during the holiday season. I start the class with berries and go holiday shopping. When I return, students would still be adding berries. They never notice the teacher leave.

  • Hibiscus

    I raised silk worms when I was in grade school. These worms are incredible eating machines. They are very picky eaters. On day, I ran out of mulberry leaves. In a panic, I fed the worms with hibiscus leaves. The leaves are shaped the same. The worms had no eyes anyway. They would not know the dif...

  • Hibiscus Multi-Layered

    There are hundreds of species of hibiscus in south China with different names. It is a flower that is both showy and easy to care for.

    Hibiscus is the national flower of South Korea where many of my students come form. They spoil me rotten. I do this flower in their honor.