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108 Flowers - Book 2 • 14m

Up Next in 108 Flowers - Book 2

  • Daffodil

    In China, the Narcissus is called Water Fairy [Shuǐ Xiān] while the Daffodil is known as the Foreign Water Fairy [Yáng Shuǐ Xiān]. Over the past several centuries foreigners came to China by sea, so the Chinese began to associate foreign things to the word 'yang', meaning ocean. Because the Daffo...

  • Dahlia

    In Chinese, the word beauty and profit share the same sound: Lì. Dahlia is grand beauty or big profit. In the beautiful town in Dàlǐ in Yúnnán, I rode a horse carriage to an old temple and shared a lovely morning studying this flower. My dàlí came from Dàlǐ.

    While visually complex, with its mult...

  • Datura

    Often called Angel's Trumpet, Datura's large drooping blossoms, which can be white, yellow, pink, orange or purple, give the plant a unique floral appearance. The flowers, which are closed during the day, open at night and emit a heavy sweet fragrance. Despite its allure to both sight and smell, ...